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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play the game?

You will be presented with a flag and a country name in the upper left and right section of the iPhone or iPod Touch screen.

Move the map and zoom using pinch then press the red dot on the country you think is the right one.

If you give up finding a country, you can shake the phone for a new one.

That’s it, very simple to use, but it is fun and addictive!

If you want a bigger challenge, touch the circle arrows in the top right corner, and the country name will disappear, you will be left with the flag only.

Why is there no score?

We would like the main motivation to be to find the right country, one country at a time. I think you will find that it is fun to play the game without score.

Scoring might be added in a later version for competitive play. Stay tuned.

Are updates free?

We will continue to improve the app rapidly, and the updates are free.

There will be options to buy new countries in the future. Africa, Asia, North and South America are in the pipeline. They will either be in app purchases or sold as separate apps.


Kai Gilb

flag2map geography game ipad
flag2map geography game iPod Touch